Are Winter Excavations Better Done Using High Pressure Water?
Hydrodig prepairing

Excavation is hard work even on soil that is easy to dig into and even in temperatures that are comfortable. To make it all the more difficult and complicated, excavation work does not stop when the weather turns cold at the end of fall. While in the past, excavating in freezing temperatures was very difficult if not impossible on some days of the year, hydro excavation has changed it all by adding efficiency to the process even if the excavation needs to be performed on frozen ground.

The construction industry being a very important driving force behind the Colorado economics, local builders started to look for an adequate solution that would allow them to continue digging throughout the notoriously harsh winters of Colorado. Their search was successful, they found hydro excavation. The technique that uses special, high-capacity trucks to deliver pressurized water onto the soil surface to move it and vacuum through a special hose to extract the resulting slurry. The trucks used for these special processes vary in terms of the water pressure delivered, the largest units being capable of breaking down even soil that is completely frozen. Consequently, the answer to the title question is yes, high pressure water is the best way to perform excavations in winter. The professional excavation companies like Hydrodig at, can help make the job a whole lot easier.