3 Practical Uses for Hydro Excavation That Traditional Excavation Can’t Handle
Hydrodig Calgary

Getting a hydrovac truck and digging in your yard or starting an elaborate project requiring delicate excavation work is now more popular than ever. Consider just some of the practical tasks hydrovac services are used for today that most excavation methods won’t even work for:

  1. Potholing is one of the most important applications associated to hydro excavation. Even though hydro is not the only way, and it’s possible to use vacuum excavation to get the job done as well, hydro excavation can be significantly better when dealing with troublesome soil that isn’t easily dislodged. In such a situation, water under pressure is just about the best approach.
  2. Hydro excavation can also be used to dig out trees and heavy tree roots without damaging them and without causing damage to the surrounding environment. Sometimes you just want to relocate a tree, or you’re looking to remove an old tree stump around which a lot of other bushes and trees are growing that you don’t want to disturb. Hydrovac excavation is perfect for that task as well.
  3. Finally, in the winter when the soil is hard and frozen, most methods of excavation will not work properly – and sometimes they won’t work at all. However, hydro excavation from https://www.hydrodig.com/calgary/ can get a lot done when all those other methods have failed, and it can help you complete any excavation project in record time.