3 Instances When Vacuum Excavation Might Be Needed
vacuum excavation modern technology services contractors construction utilizes

The vacuum excavation services Denver contractors have are a modern technology incorporated in an industrial truck, used for non destructive digging. The soil is broken using pressurized air, and the resulted debris is sucked up into a special tank, so it will not stay in the way.

There are different situations when vacuum excavation may be the right answer for you, especially when it comes to buried utilities that traditional digging methods may damage easily.

So, here are 3 instances when vacuum excavation might be useful for you.

Utility and pipe line repair – Damaging underground utilities could affect an entire neighborhood and the environment. Just think about the disaster resulting from breaking accidentally a gas line… But no needs to worry about this if you use a vacuum truck! The excavation job will be performed safely, and fragile lines will remain intact.

Digging in tight or confined areas – If your project includes clearing out an area where there is limited room for digging and for debris, a vac truck is, once again, the best solution, as it can get even into smaller areas, and it’s suction hose can be directed through tighter spaces. Debris will be stored into the truck`s tank until the job is done and you are ready to backfill the hole, or haul it away.

Trenching – A vacuum truck is also used for trenching. It reduces the risk of accidents by preventing workers from getting into the trenches at least until they are stable.