Slot Trenching, Pipeline Excavating, Caisson Excavating, Western Canada, United States
Corporate Profile

Established in 1997, Hydrodig has become one of North America's leading hydrovac service providers. Hydro-excavation is safer, faster, and more cost-effective alternative than excavating with heavy machinery or by hand around buried infrastructure. Hydro-excavation minimizes the challenges associated with safely exposing buried utilities, pipelines, and other underground infrastructure by simultaneously utilizing high pressure water and a powerful vacuum to quickly remove soil cover. When it comes to hydro-excavating, Hydrodig sets the standard. Hydrodig provides efficient, safe and cost-effective solutions to any excavation project.

As the hydrovac industry grew so did the size of the trucks. However, Hydrodig recognized that the majority of excavation projects could be done with a smaller truck. Hydrodig capitalized on this opportunity and developed a market niche with the most versatile, compact 4x4 multipurpose hydrovac unit in the industry – built to maneuver around congested plant sites, difficult terrain and work year round on any jobsite – big or small. Hydrodig gives you small truck maneuverability with big truck performance at a great value.

Hydrodig’s business model is based on providing services through our growing network of independent owner-operators and units, 30 and 75 respectively. Hydrodig provides the expertise, the trucks, and administration support. The owner-operators deliver hydrovac services by operating the equipment and developing their local markets.

Our Vision:
To be recognized as an international leader in providing safe, cost effective excavating solutions through our network of strategically located resources.

Our Values and Principles:
At Hydrodig, we are proud of our history of success in the hydro-excavation industry. At the same time, we know that the success of our company and our owner-operators relies equally on the way we work with our customers and the way we work with each other.

Our customers depend on us to provide the best hydrovac solutions in terms of service, quality and value. With our growing Hydrodig network of owner-operators, employees, and units, we are set apart from our competitors making us the partner of choice in hydro-excavation services.

Our Values:
To ensure pride in our workplace and high morale, we are committed to achieving Hydrodig’s goals through adherence to these stated values and principles.

Hydrodig - Company Staff We are accountable and honest. We have a sense of ownership and are committed to creating an exceptional workplace where:
  • We treat each other with integrity, respect, compassion, and fairness.
  • Open and honest communication is fostered.
  • Cooperation and trust is cultivated.
  • A “can do” attitude is expected.
  • Work is stimulating and challenging.
  • There is a balance between work and personal life.
  • Our leadership team sets an example by demonstrating commitment to these values and principles.
Mutually beneficial relationships with customers, owner-operators, suppliers, and the community are essential.
  • We follow the highest standards of ethical behaviour in all of our dealings.
  • We understand and anticipate our partners' needs and capabilities, and help them plan for future requirements.
  • Suppliers and other partners are recognized as an extension of our team.
  • We support and encourage community involvement.
Hydrodig - Company Truck Customers:
Hydrodig's success is driven by our customers' success.
  • It is convenient and easy to do business with us.
  • We continually strive to exceed the needs of our customers.
Quality is defined by the customer.
  • Requirements are clearly defined, communicated and understood.
  • We strive for error-free work and defect prevention.
  • Continuous improvement is designed into every aspect of our business.
  • Quality is everyone's responsibility.
  • We take pride in what we do.
Teamwork & Empowerment:
  • We work together regardless of geography to achieve Hydrodig’s goals.Hydrodig Teamwork
  • Teamwork is expected from all owner-operators and employees.
  • Open minds are valued, cooperation and trust is cultivated.
  • Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and understood.
  • Adaptability, flexibility and initiative are expected from all.
  • Decisions are made: at the source; based on input from those affected; considering both business and individual needs.
  • We are accountable for our actions and responsibilities.
  • We challenge status quo and practices to initiate improvement.
  • We encourage activities that build teamwork and high morale.
We take time to listen and ensure understanding.
  • Information is shared to remain competitive and to maximize understanding, commitment and ownership.
  • Communication is clear, timely, honest, accurate and takes place directly between concerned parties.
  • We constructively offer and accept feedback.
Highly Skilled Workforce: Hydrodig - Vac Service
We maintain a high-skilled workforce.
  • We strive to attract and retain people with the best qualifications, skills, aptitudes and attitudes that match our long-term requirements and work culture.
  • We are committed to continuous learning.
  • We are trained and qualified to be proficient in our jobs.
  • We are responsible for effective knowledge transfer, skills development and succession planning.
  • We are committed to making employment a rewarding experience for both Hydrodig and the individual.
Social and Environmental:
To fulfill our corporate obligations:
  • We value the safety and quality of life of our employees also we respect the environment and communities that we live in. Each of us is obligated to maintain a safe, clean, healthy and secure work environment.