Why Vacuum Excavation Services Might Be Better Than Hydro in Some Cases
Vacuum excavation vs hydro which is better environment

Vacuum excavation and hydro vac are the two most efficient and most modern excavation methods. They are both non-invasive techniques used in a variety of settings and for a variety of projects. The two methods are similar in many ways, but they have differences too. Both of them use some sort of non-mechanical power to break down the soil in the excavation area, and vacuum to extract the debris from the hole. Vacuum excavation however uses compressed air to disintegrate the soil, while hydro excavation uses water. Here are some other ways the two techniques are different:

  • Safety – while air and pure water are both non-conductive materials, water is rarely encountered in a form that is completely pure, therefore it is dangerous to use around electricity. If there is the slightest suspicion that under the surface of the soil there might be electric cables buried, vacuum excavation is certainly a better option.
  • Speed – hydro excavation is usually considered to be the faster method of the two.
  • Soil – vacuum excavation is usually more suitable for digging holes in loosely compacted soil and sand, while hydro excavation is more suitable for very hard, compacted soil, as well as for frozen soil.
  • Environmental impact – wherever the preservation of the structures under the soil surface as well as of vegetation is important, hydro excavation from https://www.hydrodig.com/denver/ is the better option.