Why Teamwork is Needed for a Successful Hydrovac Company

Teamwork To Do The Job Right Without Major Errors


Hydrovac companies are specialized in potholing and trenching safely, using hydro excavation technology, based on pressured water and vacuum. A hydro excavator is a type of heavy equipment that requires at least two trained workers to use it. In these circumstances, teamwork is extremely important for any hydrovac company.

An experienced hydro excavation crew should be able to work together efficiently and daylight underground utilities without damaging them, excavate areas that are not very accessible, use the available equipment to break even the most difficult soils and stay committed to adequate safety measures.

Hydro excavation in Canada is the safest digging method as well as in other places, but there are still dangers that any crew must be aware of and ensure that all the precautions have been taken. Working in pairs is a form of keeping operators and their work safe, considering than an extra pair of eyes is always important. There is someone to watch your back and help you monitor the work, as well as what happens around the work site.

One single hydrovac truck is less intimidating than several backhoes and bulldozers typically seen on a traditional excavation site, so there may be bystanders around, especially when you work in residential areas. They may not pay attention to cones and caution tapes and put themselves in dangerous situations. But working in a team can help you deal more easily with any challenge that may arise.