Why Superior Potholing Services Might Be Needed These Days
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Potholing is the process of digging holes into the ground in order to reveal hidden underground utilities before any more substantial excavation work is performed. The process is necessary in many situations, the most common ones being before construction work is started or if in fertile soil needs to be removed from the surface over a larger area.

In the past, potholing was performed manually or with conventional excavators equipped with special attachments, but today there is a much better, much safer method available, an advanced new technology called hydrovac excavation. Hydrovac is superior to any other method through the efficiency and the safety it offers. The technique involves the use of large trucks that pulverize water at high pressure onto the ground to transform the soil into slurry; the slurry is then extracted with the help of a powerful vacuum generator and a hose. What makes the method especially suited for potholing is the availability of various nozzles that allow for creating holes of almost any size or shape, including the thin deep hose used for revealing hidden underground utilities and for ensuring the safety of the digging process. The method is also the fastest, most efficient digging technique available today, find some of the best through https://www.hydrodig.com/.