Why Is Hydro Excavation So Popular These Days?
Water Excavation Construction Services Keys To Save Time and Money

Hydro excavation is the process which uses pressurized water in order to remove soil from a specific area, and thus dig holes and trenches, which are necessary for buildings and other structures. Unlike manual digging, which is pretty slow and hard, the water excavation Denver has available is easy and fast, if it is applied by the right type of professionals.

Hydro excavation equipment refers to especially designed trucks and tools for performing this type of excavation. In order to be able to perform the excavation, the truck is equipped with a tank which contains clean water and which will be used under the form of pressurized jets for digging the ground. Then there is also a power pump system which can increase the water pressure, if needed. This system makes it possible to cut through compacted soil without any problem.

There are also suction hoses which suck up the slurry from the ground and store it into special tanks. Then there is a vacuum blower or pump system, which can generate the suction in the hoses for recovering the slurry mass. There is also a debris tank and, for some models, there can also be a boiler for heating the water in order to make the process more efficient.