Why Is Hydro Digging A Safer Choice for Excavating in Congested Areas?
hydrovac truck excavation safetyExcavation is often necessary not only in wide open spaces, but also in congested areas that are difficult or impossible to access for conventional excavators. In the past, digging in these areas was possible only using manual force, but then hydrovac machines appeared and became widespread for these challenging projects. Hydrovac is the process of excavating holes and trenches of almost any size in a non-invasive way, using the power of pulverized water and vacuum, without using any bucket that could dig into hidden underground utility lines and without harming vegetation. The machines are especially efficient in congested areas – hydrovac machines can be equipped with very long hoses to deliver the pressurized water and to remove the slurry, which allows for parking the hydrovac truck at a safe distance from the actual excavation site and for performing the required digging from that safe distance. A hydrovac truck Denver businesses supply can use hoses of varying lengths and diameters and the hoses can also be fitted with nozzles of various sizes to create the hole or trench of exactly the desired size. All these features make hydrovac the best and safest solution for digging in busy municipalities, on sites located at a distance from any road and impossible to access for lack of hard, flat land.