Why Is Daylighting Necessary and How Can It Be Done Safely?
daylighting services underground utilities construction safely expose for repair

Daylighting is a word that may have different meanings, but when it is related to an excavation project, it refers to the process of exposing underground utilities or pipes to daylight, in order to perform repairs, measurements and other operations.

Up until recently, buried utilities were exposed by traditional digging methods that involved hand digging using shovels and other traditional tools. Unfortunately, their damage potential is high, because hitting mechanically an underground utility may result into a disaster with severe consequences.

Naturally, workers used to be trained to perform these operations as safely as possible, but the risks were always there. A moment of lack of attention was enough to cause a lot of damage…

Nowadays, the daylighting services Denver offers has become perfectly safe due to the use of hydrovac excavation method Compared to traditional digging tools, a hydrovac truck is a highly successful machine to expose utility lines without damaging them. It uses the power of water and air for digging, which is completely harmless to pipes and utility lines.

Additionally, with a hydrovac truck, the excavation job becomes quicker and involves much less resources (there will be two operators of the truck, instead of an entire team of workers), which results in time and money savings.