Why Hydrovac Services Are Much Better Than Traditional Digging
daylighting new construction sight installed sewer pipes

Hydro-excavation, also called hydrovac, is currently the most modern excavation technology that uses pressurized water to break the soil in the digging area and vacuum to extract the mixture of soil and water and to deposit the slurry in a special tank. Here is how the daylighting services Denver technology offers special benefits over traditional digging:

  • Safety – accidentally digging into hidden utility pipes is one of the most common causes of accidents on building sites. Hydrovac is a non-invasive technology that does not use mechanical digging, therefore it is completely safe for being used on terrain that has charted or unknown utility lines buried in the ground;
  • Speed – hydrovac takes only a couple of hours to complete digging jobs that would take at least a day with conventional excavators, therefore it is great for reducing the duration of the construction project as well as the overall costs;
  • Precision – hydrovac machines use nozzles of various sizes and the pressure of the water can also be adjusted to meet the project requirements. With hydro-excavation, digging out large foundations and creating thin and deep trenches is equally easy;
  • An environment-friendly solution – hydrovac machines extract the waste generated during the digging, therefore they eliminate the risk contamination in the excavation area.