Why Hydrovac Is Safer Than Other Excavation Methods

Hydrovac is the process of digging holes and trenches without actually digging – the holes are created with the help of pulverized water that breaks down the soil and transforms it into mud and slurry, then the generated debris is extracted with vacuum and collected in large bins. The process is safer than conventional, manual or mechanical digging for a number of reasons:

  • The hydrovac process eliminates the risk of accidentally digging into hidden utility lines, thus it eliminates the risk of explosions and other severe accidents on the job site;
  • The process of using a hydrovac truck minimizes or completely eliminates the risk of damaging the roots of trees extending in the excavation area;
  • The pressure applied to the water can be adjusted to the terrain features and the digging requirements, further enhancing safety;
  • The hydro-excavation site is cleaned during the excavation process, so the job site does not pose the risk of accidents caused by bumpy terrains;
  • The process is safe for the building teams, for the people who use the buildings surrounding the construction site as well as for the general public;
  • The time and the noise generated by the excavation process are also reduced to the minimum.