Why Hydrovac Is Great for Cold Climates?

Hot To Cold Climates

Excavation in cold climates poses numerous challenges that are efficiently addressed by hydrovac, the technology that uses pulverized water to loosen the soil and industrial-strength vacuum to remove the loosened dirt.

Hydrovac systems usually consist of special trucks equipped with water pulverizing equipment and with units that deliver vacuum. The stream of pressurized water delivered by the truck is heated by the truck’s special heating unit and it is strong enough to instantly liquefy the soil even in areas where the top layer of the ground is frozen. The Hydro excavation Colorado businesses provide are preferred for their cold weather.  The vacuum unit works simultaneously with the unit that delivers the water, evacuating the debris generated by the water instantly and depositing it in special tanks.

Hydrovac equipment can perform any type of excavation work on frozen ground – whatever it can do when the weather is fine, it can also do when it is freezing. Digging for trenching, testing the ground for hidden, unmapped underground utilities, daylighting, debris removal, direction drilling and the removal of the soil to a specified depth over a certain area are all done efficiently by hydrovac trucks in any season, even when the temperatures are extremely low and no work could be otherwise done without these special, high-capacity, state-of-the-art machines.