Why Hydro Excavation is Much Faster Than Conventional Practices
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The vacuum excavation services that combine the power of vacuum with the power off pressurized water are known to be the most efficient and fastest digging technologies available today. Here is why:

  • The power of two – the technology uses special trucks fitted with equipment that pulverizes water onto the ground as well as equipment that generate vacuum. During operation, the vacuum truck pulverizes water at high pressure onto the ground to generate slurry, then the slurry is extracted from the hole with the help of the vacuum. The two forces together generate a powerful process that can help you get the whole you need for your construction in a time that is much shorter than the time needed or any other excavation method;
  • No clean-up necessary – the hydro excavation process is not only very efficient, it is also very neat. The machine extracts the slurry from the hole which means that no additional side cleaning is needed when the digging process is complete;
  • No soil preparation – hydrovac machines can be fitted with special equipment that heat the water applied onto the soil. This means that hydro excavation is suitable for digging in freezing conditions without requiring any additional work to thaw the soil. Find some of the best in hydrovac services Colorado offers.