Why Does Hydro Excavation Make Less of An Environmental Impact?
daylighting excavation Denver worker

Hydro-excavation is the most environment friendly daylighting Denver method available today, a technology that provides extraordinary efficiency, while also being very gentle on the natural environment. Here is how hydrovac achieves that low impact:

  • The power of water and vacuum – hydrovac combines pressurized water to break down the soil and to create the holes and trenches needed and vacuum to extract the slurry generated during the digging process. This also means that the technology does not use any harmful, toxic substances;
  • Recyclable waste – the slurry generated during the process does not need to be dumped; it can be cleaned and filtered to be safely reused for other industrial processes or in hydrovac machines, for digging;
  • Safe for everyone and everything involved – hydrovac is a very efficient technology that is also gentle on the excavation area. The method is non-invasive, which means that it is safe to use around hidden underground utilities as well as around vegetation, performing the digging without harming tree roots. Hydrovac also offers more safety to the workers involved in the process – by preventing any accidents and by making the digging as quick as possible, hydrovac reduces the environmental impact of the process through its efficiency.