Why Daylighting Practices Require a Hydrovac Service
why  daylighting services great hydrovac excavation option

The process of exposing pipelines and other buried utilities to the light of the day is known as daylighting. Traditionally, it was performed by hand, using mechanical tools, but nowadays there are hydrovac services which are much more efficient, precise and risk free.

The traditional system of hand digging was not so safe because there was always the risk of hitting, by accident, an underground utility and damaging it. Additionally, it required increased time and effort to perform an excavation project, so the productivity was reduced.

Hydrovac daylighting, on the other hand, is a much safer and more precise practice that can be used without worrying about causing accidents and damage, because it consists of using pressurized water to dig. It enhances project safety, decreases project costs and increases productivity. One of the biggest advantages is that hydrovac daylighting can be used even in frozen soil or in areas with limited access, because a hydrovac truck is equipped with a water heating system and with a hose that allow workers to dig even 100 feet away from the truck.

Hydrovac daylighting services Denver has can be used in different excavation and cleaning applications, including exposure of cables, pipes, trenching pole holes, potholing, tank cleaning, debris removal, shoring installations and so on.