Why Are Hydro Vac Services Recommended for Relocating Trees?
hydrovac truck extract debris

Hydro excavation is used for a variety of digging tasks, not only for excavating the holes needed for building foundations, but also for a variety of landscaping purposes. One of the major areas where hydro vac digging does an excellent service is when large trees need to be relocated. Here are some important features that make the process so great for the purpose:

  • Gentle and efficient digging – hydro excavation breaks down the soil in the excavation area with the help of pulverized water and extracts the resulting slurry with the help of a vacuum. The process is very quick, about 10 times faster than any digging performed with excavators, as well as gentle, being completely safe for sensitive tree roots.
  • Suitable for removing trees located in tight access areas – hydro excavators use long arms to guide the hoses, which also means that the truck itself does not need to be exactly in the area where the digging is performed.
  • Cleanliness – The hydrovac truck Denver companies use break down the soil and extract the debris simultaneously, which means that the jobsite will be left completely clean after the layer of soil is removed from right above the roots of the tree to be removed.