Why a Hydrovac Truck Is the Best Solution for Daylighting?

hydrovac services pipe laying daylighting

Daylighting is a type of excavation process consisting in exposing to daylight underground utilities and pipelines, in order to perform repairs or make other ascertainments. It is also one of the most common applications of a hydrovac truck.

Traditionally, the uncovering of the buried utilities has been completed by ordinary and rudimentary methods: hand digging and backhoe excavation, but the risk of accidents was very high, not to mention that, in case of accidents, there is also a high risk of injury or contamination, so the necessary repairs can be very costly.

Using a hydrovac truck eliminates these potential problems, as it is equipped for digging non-invasively, using a combination of pressured water to break the soil and vacuum power to remove debris material surrounds the excavation point. Additionally, you benefit from a lot more precision.

Hydrovac equipment can be used even in areas that provide only limited access, because the long hose of the truck can be extended to get where it is needed, even if the vehicle cannot be parked very close to the excavation site.

As such, daylighting, one of the hydrovac services Colorado companies offer becomes more time-efficient, non-destructive and, consequently, cost-effective. The entire process will happen faster and the site will remain clean, complying with safe and efficient work requirements.