Who Should You Call Before Starting Excavation Work on Your Commercial Property?
Helpful Tips

Excavation work, whether performed using conventional methods, such as manual digging or digging with the help of excavators or other machines, involves the break-down and the moving of soil in a particular area – a process that requires special measures to guarantee safety.

One of the safety hazards involved with excavation is related to the utility lines hidden in the ground in the excavation area – one of the most common causes of accidents on building sites is the accidental damage caused in such utility lines. To guarantee the safety of everyone involved in the digging process as well as of the area surrounding the excavation site, the first thing to do before starting any excavation is to call 811 – the national call-before-you-dig number where you should announce your intention to dig. The service that you call will connect you to their center in your state and will send out their technicians to your location to check the soil for any hidden underground lines and to make sure that digging is safe. The technicians use advanced electromagnetic equipment to find utilities and they will also add mark on the ground above the lines that they found to ensure that no pipe or cable is accidentally damaged during the excavation. There are excavation companies like Hydrodig that offer the best in utility digging Denver area, so call them to do the excavation safely.