Who Do You Need to Call to Discover Underground Utility Lines?
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If you are planning to have some digging on your property, one of the first things to do is to announce the plan calling 811, the call-before-you-dig number, to ensure that no accident happens because of digging into utility lines buried underground. For safe and effective excavation be sure to use daylighting Denver services from the start of your project.

Wherever your plot of land is located, whether it is in a properly mapped area or in an uncharted field, you can proceed with any digging work only if you are sure that there are no utility lines that could get damage and cause accidents during the excavation. You might have updated maps that you use to mark utilities on the surface, but you need professional help to ensure that all the utilities that run to your land are disconnected and digging is perfectly safe. After you call 811, you will soon get a visit by specialist who will make measurements and markings to ensure that digging is safe.

You can further ensure the safety of the digging process by using hydrovac, a technology developed especially for digging around utilities. The technology is non-invasive, therefore it is suitable not only for digging large holes, such as holes for building foundations, but also for potholing and daylighting in any area, even where there are utility lines around.