When to Use Hydro Excavation

when to use hydro excavation services diggingHydro excavation by Hydrodig in Denver is a digging technique that can definitely make jobs faster, safer and considerably more efficient. This way, a company can cast a wider net for project opportunities, even when it does not have the manpower, because hydro excavation replaces manpower axs well as a lot of support vehicles.

Nowadays, hydro excavation is the most effective and the safest type of excavation and it can be used for various types of digging projects:


You will feel the benefits of hydro excavation especially when you have to perform large scale digging; a hydro truck will make things incredibly easy, allowing you to safely open up the ground in no time.

Remote Digging

Sometimes a digging project encounters obstacles, i.e. places that are hard to reach, digging in frozen ground etc. Using hydro excavation ensures precision handling and high psi, which will allow you to be able to move through anything.


This operation requires a lot of precision, and a hydro truck will do it better than a few shovels and hard hats any day!

Debris removal

Any digging project involves large amounts of debris. With a hydro truck, you will not have to worry about disposing it ensure a safe working site; it will be broken down into smaller parts, and disposed safely and quickly.