When to Call on Hydrovac Services
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Hydrovac trucks are becoming more and more popular and used by different industries, because they provide the efficiency and safety you need when dealing with a project that involves excavation as well as water and debris removal.

These really big trucks are equipped with a system that uses pressurized water for digging into the most difficult soils and vacuum power for debris removal. Digging using these machines is precise, safe and fast, so your project can stay on schedule and meet all the safety standards.

It will be a good idea to call on hydrovac services in these situations:

You must excavate on a sensitive site

There different types of sensitive site. Some of them have underground pipelines and utilities, whicl others are sites with artifacts that may include burial grounds and so on. Using a hydrovac allows you to dig gently, without causing damage, as there are no blades cutting down invasively, only water that liquefies the earth and a vacuum sucking up the debris.

You must excavate into dense or frozen soil

A hydrovac truck loosens and penetrates even into the most difficult soil types. The incorporated technology can heat the water, so a frozen soil is not a reason for downtime any longer.

You must remove water from a site

Working in wet conditions, or laying foundations when the ground is a soupy mess is almost impossible, but a hydrovac company at https://www.hydrodig.com/denver/ can save the day, as it can easily remove large pools of water and get people back to work.