When Is Potholing Necessary?
potholing companies necessary construction excavation requirements

Potholing is a technique regularly used when utility lines and other underground objects need fixing. For instance, if a water main needs to be changed or is due to be upgraded, this technique can be used in order to make sure that the main isn’t severely damaged in any way in strategically chosen spots before the actual digging commences. This way vital information about the state of the pipeline can be gained without any risks and without having to actually dig a very big hole in order to get them. Now workers can know the state the pipe is in and carefully map out the actual dig that will take place.

Another reason why potholing is necessary is that sometimes that’s all you can do in order to see what is underground. For instance, if utilities are running through a very difficult area to reach, but you need to check and see if the lines have been affected in any way, you can simply dig a small hole instead of doing a big one in a carefully chosen place. That’s because this technique is very good when you want information from tight to reach places. This way you can save money and even more valuable time.  Look for the credible potholing companies Denver has to offer for your next construction project.