What Would It Take for You to Become a Hydrovac Technician?
What you need to know hydrodig hydrovac technician job parameters

A hydrovac truck is a modern invention incorporating a technology that makes an excavation process much easier and safer. It is used for digging around utility lines, digging potholes and trenches, digging in frozen soil, removing debris etc.

A hydrovac truck is a complex machinery, which requires a competent operator. Considering that the excavation process is completely automated, it might seem like the operator does not have to do much, but this is not the case. Precisely because we are talking about a complex technology, a hydrovac operator must have extensive training and experience in handling the truck and scheduling the tasks. Shortly, having a firm understanding of the technology itself is essential for operating a hydrovac truck.

Typically, the operator is required to dismantle the tool and fill the water tank periodically, as well as to inspect the job site in order to determine how to handle the high pressure wand most efficiently, for excavation purposes.

Getting into this industry takes training and at least 1-2 years of experience. You will have to prove yourself, and some of the qualities you will be expected to have include attention to detail, perfect hand-eye coordination, as well as a safety-oriented attitude.

Common qualifications for hydrovac operators include an A or B CDL driver’s license, OSHA 10 and tanker endorsement. Find some of the best in the business at https://www.hydrodig.com/denver/.