What Types of Safety Concerns Are Addressed During Vacuum Excavation?

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Vacuum excavation is today the safest excavation technique, suitable for digging into various types of soil, for various types of projects, including digging to create large holes, narrow trenches and the revealing of buried utility lines. When correctly performed, vacuum excavation keeps the risks related to the digging process to the minimum – here are the safety aspects that need to be taken into consideration to ensure maximum safety:

– Requirements to perform high-risk operations – the applicable documentational and safety protocols must be followed whenever the excavation process involves the removal of harmful substances, such as flammable substances, biologically hazardous substances, toxic substances or hot materials;

– Machine maintenance – the hydro-excavator needs to be cleaned according to the cleaning protocols after each excavation project and all the essential components of the machine needs to be inspected and maintained as indicated in the machine manual;

– Operator requirements – the personnel working on hydrovac machines need to be trained and authorized to be able to use the machine safely and correctly and they must wear the right type of safety equipment;

– Site requirements – the area in which the excavation will be performed needs to be marked and care must be taken to prevent access into the danger zones. Find out more from a local hydrovac excvation company https://www.hydrodig.com/denver/.