What Really Helps Ensure Worker Safety During Hydro Excavation?

work safety hydrodig water excavationWorker safety is very crucial during an water excavation Denver area project, and hydro-excavation is no exception. Although it’s considered to be safer due to the fact that it’s a more high-precision type of excavation, this type of work is still considered very risky, and workers often receive extensive safety training before being allowed to operate the machinery, or even to get close to it for that matter.


The biggest danger is being hit by the actual jet of water. This is why the operation of the machinery should be carefully monitored. Other risks also have to do with being hit by stray rocks while trying to break through a rocky soil, or having the structural integrity of the ground below give in, which is a common occurrence when excavators hit an empty underground pocket that used to have only a thin structural support for the soil above.


All in all, it’s easy to see why and how hydro-excavation is still pretty risky and requires the presence of a trained and knowledgeable team of experts. Trying to manage a hydro-excavator without formal training is not a good idea. You’re far better off calling in the pros and having them perform the job for you in good safety condition. The entire work will go much faster and it will be completed without any unnecessary hazards.