What Makes Hydro-Excavation Around Buried Utilities A Safer Alternative Than Heavy Machinery?

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Excavation might be needed for various purposes and performed on varied terrain, from large, open spaces to narrow and difficult to navigate spaces – it might be necessary for digging a large hole for a foundation, trenches for installing utility pipes or for revealing underground utilities. In the past, excavation was performed manually, even the smallest hole requiring lots of manpower, then the conventional excavators that we see everywhere today were invented. Until recently, these bulky vehicles were the most efficient digging machines, but then hydro excavation was invented – here is how hydrovac machines provide a safer alternative to more conventional methods:

  • A non-invasive method safe for any terrain – hydrovac machines do not use any drills or other mechanical tools to break the soil. They harness the power of pressurized water to disintegrate soil and vacuum to extract the slurry. The technology is safe for everyone involved – it requires the presence of very few people and the pressure used for applying the water can be adjusted to meet the project requirements, making it possible to dig safely around buried utilities and tree roots as well;
  • Efficient for large volume digging as well as for precision digging – hydrovac technology can be used for moving the top layer of the soil in a space as well as for digging narrow and deep holes and trenches.  So be sure to use vacuum excavation services Denver companies offer for all your construction digging projects.