What Makes Hydro Excavation an Eco-Friendly Method for Digging?

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Excavation is a necessary process in many construction projects and also one that, if done with traditional methods, such as manual digging or with the use of heavy machinery, is energy-intensive, resource consuming, not very precise and potentially harmful for the surroundings. Hydro excavation and daylighting services Denver companies offer provides an alternative that saves time, energy and is also safe for the environments. Here is why hydro excavation is the most eco-friendly digging method available today:

  • Precision – hydro excavation is a method suitable for very accurate digging. The pressurized water used by hydrovac machines can be directed very precisely into the area where the digging is needed, making sure that the soil is moved only where it is necessary, without disturbing the surrounding area;
  • Safe for vegetation – the hydrovac process can be safely used around trees without the risk of harming the roots of the trees;
  • Immediate removal of the debris – the hydro excavation method uses vacuum to extract any debris generated while the soil is being moved by the pressurized water, therefore the process is cleaner than any other digging method;
  • Safety in uncharted land – hydro excavation is a non-invasive method that does not use mechanical tools to break down the earth, therefore it is the best method to safely dig on land that might have hidden utility pipes and lines buried underground.