What Kinds of Utilities Will You Usually Be Able to Find Underground?

Type of Underground Utilities

A lot of times, experts talk about the utilities that you are likely to find underneath your home or recently purchased commercial property. Regardless of whether you want to sell or but, knowing more about these utilities, why they are there, and what to do to find and remove them, should be one of your main priorities as a future homeowner or real estate investor:


  • Most of the utilities that run underground are sewage and water utilities. These will likely be found underneath any type of residential or commercial property, and you’ll almost always find it in a disruptive area, when you use an 811 utility locating service, as the professionals at http://hydrodig.com/ do.
  • Cables are also quite common. Phone lines, electric lines and internet fiber optic lines are usually found underneath most houses and buildings, however, their configuration and layout will vary greatly between two or more buildings.
  • It’s not uncommon to find gas lines under a home or building, regardless of whether they run from a centralized or local gas source. It’s extremely important to find a professional and certified service to locate and remove gas lines, since they can be very dangerous, if not handled with care.
  • Buried manholes and metal utility covers can also be found underground. For that purpose, experts usually use a tool such as the mahole locator.