What Kind of Safety Gear Does A Hydrodig Excavation Team Wear?

Think Safety First vacuum hydrodig servicesHydrodig excavation is a process that uses special, large, high-capacity machines for safely digging out holes and trenches on any terrain, even in areas where there might be hidden, uncharted utilities buried underground. Operating such complex machines requires not only technical knowledge – the work also requires the personnel in the excavation area to wear safety equipment. Here is what vacuum excavation services Denver safety gear must include:

  • High-visibility clothing – these garments are essential even during the day, when visibility is good. Additional reflective stripes might also be necessary;
  • Personal protective equipment – excavation workers performing various tasks on the excavation site need to protect themselves from potential injuries. The most important items are hard hats to protect the head from falling objects, safety googles for the protection of the eyes, safety shoes and hearing protection to prevent any health damage caused by the loud hydrodig equipment;
  • Job site markings – the excavation site also needs to be adequately delimited and marked. Visual precautions, such as cones and other types of signs are essential for informing everyone around about danger zones as well as to inform the operator of the hydrovac machine that there are people around and the machine should be operated with more caution.