What Kind of Equipment Will You Need for Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Equipment

The popularity of Dallas hydrovac services is continuing to grow on a daily basis. Whether you just want to dig out some cables or pipes, or you’re interested in facilitating an extensive and accurately managed excavation projects, you will need some basic equipment to get started with your project:


  • The main type of equipment you will need will be the high pressure pump and pump system. This is the heart and soul that all hydro excavation equipment is built around, so it’s important to get only the best products.
  • High pressure accessories and hose reels are also needed. They will ensure that none of the vital parts of your hydro excavation installation will lead to any unwanted problems once the pressure is too high.
  • Daylighting and directional drilling equipment will also be required to ensure that you can dig exactly in the right place each time.
  • All the equipment can be purchased along with a complete hydro excavation truck with all the bells and whistles.


If you feel that the equipment might be too costly or difficult to obtain or operate, there is also a much easier solution to your problem. Simply contact your local hydro excavation service, and provide them with some basic insight about what they’d have to do for you. The price will be low enough, and the excavation work will only require a very short amount of time to complete.