What Jobs Is Hydro Excavation Ideally Used for?
Hydrodig working in rural neighborhood

Hydro excavation is a special kind of digging that uses very powerful trucks equipped with a water pump and a vacuum pump to produce the desired hole in a quick, efficient and very clean manner. Hydrovac trucks are also fitted with long, flexible, articulated arms that allow the machine to efficiently dig in areas where the truck itself cannot go. All these features make hydrovac suitable for a number of specialized digging jobs. Here are some projects for which the use of a hydrovac truck Denver area is the best and often the only solution:

  • Potholing – the process is used for revealing underground utilities that might not appear on maps and that should be kept safe from any impact. What makes hydrovac suitable for such jobs is the fact that the hydro vac process does not use any mechanical tools, therefore it is completely safe around utility pipes;
  • Special trenches – the hoses used by hydro vac trucks to deliver the pulverized water and the vacuum can be fitted with nozzles in a variety of sizes, which makes the technology is suitable for digging out trenches of any size, even very thin and very deep ones;
  • Digging on frozen soil – special hydro vac trucks today can be equipped with a heating installation that warms up the water before it is being pulverized onto the soil. The technology has been developed to make digging possible on frozen ground.