What Is Utility Potholing?

construction utility digging potholing process underground

Accidentally digging into underground utility pipes and lines during construction projects is known to cause very dangerous situations, even severe or fatal incidents. Whether underground utilities are correctly charted or hidden, they need to be marked on the surface of the soil or they need to be completely removed to ensure the safety and the efficiency of the construction. The construction task that has the purpose of revealing any underground utilities and obstructions that might jeopardize the construction process or that might make further processes difficult is called potholing and it is an essential part of any building project.

In the past, utility potholing was done manually, but today, manual labor is usually replaced by a much safer technology: vacuum excavation. The utility digging Denver technique uses the power of pressurized water and vacuum to move the soil and to extract it from the hole created, therefore it eliminates the danger of mechanically damaging the utilities found. The method is also much more efficient than manual digging – vacuum excavators are extremely powerful machines that take only a couple of hours to complete work that would take days to complete manually. Hiring an excavation contractor for the job does involve costs, but the investment increases the efficiency and the safety of the entire building process, therefore it is very important.