What is Hydro-Excavation?

What Is Hydro Excavation And Potholing Tree Friendly

Hydro Excavation is a digging technology based on using pressurized water for moving or removing soil and vacuum for transfering the debris to a special tank. It is incorporated into hydro-vac trucks that excavate soil quickly, without damaging underground utilities or causing human injuries. Hydro-excavation is considered the safest and most precise digging technology and this is why it has become increasingly popular.

This technology was used at first in Canada, in gas and oil industry, which found it much more efficient than other methods of daylighting. Besides, the frozen Canadian soil was difficult to excavate with traditional methods, but hydro-vac trucks with heated water have no problems breaking the soil even in the middle of the winter.

Currently, hydro-excavation has many applications. It is used to lay underground utilities and subsurface facilities, to expose parts of them that allow specialists to perform repairs and rehabilitations for potholing as well as for sign and pole installation.

The equipment can be positioned at a certain distance, so there will be no congestion on the work site. Besides, due to the precision of this technology, the surrounding soil will not be disturbed, so the site will remain clean.

Hydro-excavation brings many long run benefits as well: cost-effectiveness, less safety risks, as well as reduced insurance and liability costs.