What Is Hydro Excavating

Hydro excavation what does it mean

Hydro excavating means digging using special equipment; the technology is incorporated in a truck that performs the tasks safely, efficiently and with no downtime. It is about digging by moving or removing soil using pressurized water. The debris is transferred to a tank.

This method is more expensive than the traditional digging, but it is incomparable in terms of safety and convenience. Excavation becomes much more accurate and completely non-destructive for underground utilities. The working site will also be much more organized and safe for everyone. The digging equipment can be positioned at a distance, so there will be less traffic around the excavation area.

Hydro excavation was invented in Canada, being related to oil and gas industry. It was very difficult to dig in the frozen soil using traditional methods, so Canadian contractors came up with this technology that uses water (and heated water, when necessary!) to dig holes. In the meantime, the technology was improved and now hydro excavation equipment combines high pressure water for digging and air vacuum to lift the debris and transfer it to a special tank.

There are many applications for it, from installing utility lines, potholing or daylighting, to pipe and sewer rehabilitation, or even landscaping.  Call the professional at hydro excavation at https://hydrodig.biz/fort-worth-dallas/.