What Is Daylighting and Why Is It Important?
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Daylighting is the process of safely revealing underground utility lines and pipes before any excavation work is performed for a construction.

Ideally, any plot of land used for construction should have a map that shows all the pipes and utility lines that run underneath the surface. Unfortunately, the situation is rarely ideal. Most plots have several uncharted and unmapped utility lines running underground which pose grave risks of accidents, such as explosions, if they are excavated using some sort of mechanical method.

One of the most common uses of daylighting Denver services is the safe exposure of such potentially dangerous underground utilities. The process does not use any mechanical movement for digging. The only power used is that of pulverized water and vacuum, which means that the technology can be safely used even around gas pipes and electricity lines.

Large hydrovac trucks are suitable for use even in areas that cannot be directly accessed by any other excavators – hydrovac vehicles have very long arms with the help of which they guide the hoses that deliver the water and the vacuum. As a result, the trucks themselves can be parked at a relative long distance from the actual excavation site.