What Is a Vacuum Truck

excavation hydrovac digging pipelines

Vacuum trucks (vacuum tankers) are those large industrial trucks, equipped with tanks, pumps and hoses for suction. They are used by cities or businesses for sewer and septic system maintenance, but also for hydro-excavation and other drilling and debris cleaning jobs. They can handle cleaning large-scale liquid and sludge, so they provide a vital service to industries and cities that require environmental cleanup, waste management or storage tank upkeep.

A hydrovac truck is designed to last and work similarly to a shop vac. A pump removes air and creates a vacuum inside the tank, while the pressure will be equalized inside by opening shutoff valves, which will allow the truck to suck up liquids.

Vacuum trucks are essential in environmental disasters that involve hazardous waste that may enter local waterways or contaminating the environment in other ways. They are also used for particular rescue missions, when pits or trenches collapse on workers, and the soil must be quickly removed from the accident site.

In other words, these big machines can handle really messy jobs, of any size, and they handle them very efficiently and safely for everyone. If your company needs a vacuum tanker, there are cleaning contractors that you can hire.