What Is A Vacuum Excavation Contractor?

What you need to know about vacuum excavation construction help

Vacuum excavation contractors are specialists in using the most advanced excavation technology available today: vacuum excavation, that is, digging with a special machine that moves soil gently and efficiently with the help of water pressurized onto the ground surface and that immediately extracts the slurry with the help of industrial-grade vacuum. Whether these contractors are independent, one-man businesses or businesses that work with teams of machine operators and other employees, here are some of the services that they provide:

  • Daylighting – revealing unmapped, unknown underground utilities to ensure the security of the construction site is essential and requires special caution. Vacuum excavation does not use any mechanical digging, therefore it is the best method to identify any such utility lines;
  • Precision digging – vacuum excavation services Denver offers is also the best way to dig special, very narrow trenches that would be otherwise possible only using manual labor;
  • Gently moving a layer of soil for landscaping – vacuum excavation contractors usually provide services that can help with landscaping as well, such as the removal of a soil layer of a particular thickness without hurting the roots of the trees, bushes and shrubs in the area. Vacuum excavators can be used for this type of work to cover large areas in a very short time.