What Happens to The Water Used During Hydrodig Excavation?

green pipe hydro excavation no digging

Hydrodig excavation is a modern, safe and very efficient digging method. The technology uses a special truck connected to a large water tank and fitted with a powerful vacuum generator. The water excavation Denver process consists of pulverizing the water onto the soil at high pressure to break it down, then the resulting mud is extracted with the help of vacuum and deposited in a large tank that is taken away after the excavation is complete.

The method is popular due to the safety and efficiency it provides, but it has been criticized for using huge amounts of water. Fortunately, the slurry extracted during the process no longer needs to be dumped in landfills. Hydrovac companies now have the option to transport the slurry to a reception center where it is taken over for being separated into water and solid matter. The water is further filtered and cleaned to make it suitable for being reused. The recycled water can be used on construction sites and for many industrial processes that would otherwise use expensive and valuable water from the grid. The solid matter extracted from the slurry usually consists mainly of sand and aggregate that can be also used on construction sites, for example, for backfilling.