What Does Hydrovac Mean?

what does hydrovac meanHydrovac, also called a hydro excavator, is a machine used for daylighting, for excavating, for digging trenches through liquefying soil and efficiently extracting the resulting slurry.

The hydroexcavation process is carried out using machines that generate pressurized water that is pulverized onto the soil in the excavation area to loosen and to liquefy it and that also generate vacuum to extract the slurry and to transfer it to a container for depositing. There are many types of hydrovac machines available on the market – they all operate based on the same principle, but they are different in terms of size and capacity.

Hydrovac offers many advantages over traditional excavation methods, such as excavation done with backhoe excavators. The most important benefits include efficiency (hydrovac machines can do the work of entire excavation teams in a couple of hours), safety (the process can be safely used in areas where digging with others would be risky, such as on land with hidden utility lines buries underground or where care must be taken not to damage tree roots) and environment-friendliness. Hydrovac services are also great ways to reduce the costs related to the excavation process – the high level of efficiency and the fact the process includes the removal of the debris from the excavation site guarantee that.