What Construction Services Use Hydrovac the Most?
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Hydro excavation is a modern procedure consisting of breaking the soil using pressurized water jets and removing it with a vacuum system – all this technology being incorporated into a hydrovac truck, which is a powerful tool that does everything much more precisely and safely than traditional digging methods.

Hydro excavation has many uses including in construction and infrastructure projects. Here are some examples:

Slot trenching

Slot trenching refers to digging narrow trenches for installing pipeline and other underground utilities. It requires precision and hydrovac excavation is the most precise option, allowing slot trenching of narrow dimensions unlike other excavation methods.

The installation of fence posts, signs, utility poles, etc.

With a hydrovac truck it is easy to excavate the right depth and diameter. Besides there is no risk to damage anything around, or to make too much mess.

Potholing and daylighting

These are very common tasks for hydrovac truck operators and consist of exposing existing buried utilities. Traditional excavation methods such as backhoes or shovels have the potential to cause damage to underground utilities, but hydrovac excavation is completely safe when it comes to digging around utilities and exposing them.

Regardless the construction services using hydrovac, this excavation method from https://www.hydrodig.com/denver/ ensures efficiency, accuracy and safety.