What Can Go Wrong When Using Vacuum Excavation Services?
safety process equipment check vacuum excavation services truck

Vacuum excavation services are appreciated for the safety they offer over conventional excavation – the process eliminates the need to use mechanical digging, all the excavation work being performed by powerful vacuum. However, vacuum excavation services Denver has is a process that uses a very powerful machine, which also means that it does involve a certain amount of risk. Here are somethings that should be paid attention to:

  • Not wearing the right type of safety gear – even though vacuum excavation is very safe, everyone around the machine should be wearing adequate safety gear that includes a helmet to prevent any accident caused by flying stones or other kinds of flying debris;
  • Standing too close to the digging site – the area around the machine and around the hole that is being created should be clear, without anyone standing around while the high capacity machine is working;
  • Not using the right pressure setting – the vacuum pump on these special trucks come with a variety of settings that allow the machine operator to use the setting that works best in a particular situation and for a particular project. Using a vacuum that is too strong for a particular environment can cause dangerous situations, therefore they contracts should never be operated by personnel that has not been properly trained beforehand.