What Are the Main Uses of Daylighting?
Daylighting Excavation Underground Pipes Need Repair

Daylighting, also known as potholing, is a method of discovering underground utility lines that have been lost to time and that have no documentation to guide you on their whereabouts. The biggest dangers associated with these underground utility lines is that hitting them with conventional excavation equipment can lead to severe property damage and possible injuries. Hitting a water main and causing a fissure might not cause much of a problem when you have excavating equipment on your property and the pipe can be dug out and replaced right away. However, that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to sewage pipes, electric cables and gas pipes.

Unlike other excavation approaches, daylighting Denver area with the help of hydro excavation or vacuum excavation practices can be used efficiently to discover any type of underground utility line you can think of. By using a hydrovac truck or a vacuum excavation tool, experts can simply vacuum out the soil from around utility lines to discover their positioning, alignment and the amount of space they take up. Moreover, they can also find out if the utility lines were damaged in any way and if they might need to be repaired or replaced. Based on that information, experts can easily dig around the utility lines, relocate them, or simply install the necessary infrastructure around them, without causing any kind of damage.