What Are the Commercial Projects That Might Need You to Excavate?

Excavation At Construction Project

There are a lot of different types of commercial projects you can consider when you first invest in commercial property. As an investor, however, it is extremely important that you follow and evaluate every potential risk and every detail associated with building new commercial buildings, adding landscaping elements and planting new trees.


Now, when it comes to excavating, you have to take special care. Otherwise, you might hit a water pipe or an utility line, and the damage will cost you greatly. So consider calling 811 before the following commercial projects, as most of them will require you to excavate before moving forward:


  • Finding all the utility lines and services that run through your property will definitely require you to excavate, since most lines and pipes are underground.
  • Removing and replanting old trees will also be a task that requires excavating. Older trees have larger roots, which sometimes span across a surprisingly large area.
  • Drainage and erosion control is equally important to prepare for building projects as it is for basic landscaping. And more importantly, it definitely requires some serious excavations.


All these tasks, along with a number of major building projects – such as laying the foundation for a new building – will require you to excavate underneath the surface of your new commercial property, and to take the necessary precautions before you do so.   Take adavantage of some of the services offered for quality air knife excavation in Denver by local businesses, to make the project easier.