What Are Some Reasons Hydro-Excavation Is Safer Than Excavating With Heavy Machinery

Reasons Hydrovac Excavation Better Than Digging Safe

Digging was always an operation commonly performed in constructions, for building structural foundations, drainage systems etc., but the process was not always as neat and safe as it is today.

Back in the day, digging was performed either manually, or using excavators which are heavy machines that typically create a lot of mess on the site, not to mention that they can destroy the surrounding environment, as well as underground utilities.

However, excavation techniques have come a long way especially in the past decades, with the apparition of hydrovac trucks with companies such as Hydrodig, which are designed to address the challenges in safety, cost and efficiency.

Most doffing companies have taken in this technology and implemented better excavation processes overall.

Hydro excavation is very precise and clean when it comes to moving soil. Digging is non-destructive because it is non-mechanic; the job gets completed much faster (10 times faster than the old-fashioned way of soil removal) and requires significantly less effort.

A hydrovac truck can be used in a variety of applications: slot trenching, directional drilling, daylighting, utility locating, subsurface engineering etc. Considering all these benefits, hydro excavations make for a more cost-effective option than traditional excavation.