Vacuum Excavation Services Are Changing The Way Construction Is Done

New Way To Excavate

Vacuum excavation is an advanced digging technology that uses a vacuum to break apart soil with pressured water or air. It is also known as “soft dig”, not because its efficiency (which is actually significantly higher than the efficiency of traditional digging methods), but because it is much safer around underground utilities.

This method practically eliminated accidental damage to buried pipes and lines, being also very accurate.

We can safely say that vacuum excavation is changing the construction industry, due to its variety of applications. Currently, it is already used by road contractors and construction companies around the country for digging piling holes and precision-cut trenches for making building foundations. You can find some of the best hydrovac services in Canada now too!  With a vacuum excavator, the worksite stays clean and accessible, being also safer for workers.

Newer models of vacuum excavators are designed with tanks of greater capacity, which allows workers to keep them working longer than before; this brings even more efficiency in the construction field, where tight scheduled timeframes are common.

These heavy machines that used to produce quite a lot of noise pollution are now designed to be quieter, which is clearly an advantage, especially when they are being used in residential neighborhoods.