Vacuum Excavation and Its Impact on the Environment
environment friendly excavation hydro services

Hydrovac is an innovative excavation method that is becoming increasingly popular not only because of the efficiency and safety offered, but also due to its reduced environmental impact. Here is why hydro excavation Calgary offers is currently the most environment friendly digging technology:

  • No need to use harmful chemicals – hydrovac machines use the power of pressurized water to move the soil and vacuum to extract the debris at the same time, without needing any chemicals that could put the environment in the digging area at risk;
  • No risk of utility strikes – hydrovac is a non-invasive technique that is safe to be used around hidden utility pipes as well, being the safest digging method to use for excavation teams as well as for the environment;
  • Safe depositing for the debris and water recycling – the debris generated during the digging is extracted by the hydrovac machine to a separate tank that is removed from the digging site when the excavation is complete. The tanks are usually taken to special sites where the solid particles and the water in the slurry are separated and the recycled water is reused either in hydrovac truck or for other purposes;
  • Efficient for digging on frozen terrain – while conventional excavation methods use various types of fuel to thaw frozen soil, hydrovac trucks can heat the water they use to warm up the ground without causing pollution.