Vacuum Excavation: A Safer and More Precise Alternative to Traditional Digging Methods
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If you work in the utility or civil engineering industry, you are probably familiar with the term “vacuum excavation.” This modern method has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years and has proven to be a viable alternative to manual digging.

There are some significant reasons why more and more construction companies choose vacuum excavation and utilize local hydrovac truck Denver services.

It is a faster method.

A remotely operated suction arm breaks up the soil and sucks up the debris through a pipe into a built-in tank of the vacuum excavator. This machinery can excavate up to 2 cube meters per hour, making it much faster than traditional digging methods.

Safety first

Vacuum excavation does not require as many human resources as traditional excavation. One operator of the vacuum truck is enough. Besides convenience and savings, this minimizes the risk of injury due to collapsing trenches.

A more reliable approach

Due to their autonomous nature, vacuum excavators are highly accurate, reducing the risk of human error.

Cost efficiency

All costs can be significantly reduced with vacuum excavation since there is less risk of unexpected downtime caused by damage or project delays. The job can be completed in a fraction of the time traditional excavating methods require.