Using Hydro Excavation to Uncover Hidden Underground Utilities
hydro excavation speed up process no digging

It’s not uncommon to buy a property that you want to build on and have underground utility lines that used to connect to an old demolished house or commercial building. Now that the building is gone, the utility lines might not be necessary anymore, but damaging them with conventional excavation techniques can still cost you a lot of money. The use of a hydrovac service is the best course of action for effectively and accurately detecting the location of these utility lines.

If you ask a hydrovac expert, they will tell you that the steps are generally simple:

  1. They’ll first consult the plan and see if there are any documented utility lines that pass underground through your property.
  2. Based on the positioning of existing utility lines and their estimate on where other lines might be located, they will use methods such as potholing to detect the location and direction of each pipe or electric cable that might be located underground.
  3. They’ll help you uncover the best strategy for working around the detected underground power lines or utility lines, and they’ll continue by helping you with additional digging tasks, if you need them to.

The Hydro excavation Calgary hosts can speed up the process of detecting underground utilities and also make it more accurate. If you’re looking to find all the utilities that run underneath your property, document them properly, and continue your building project without delay or difficulty, then hydro excavation services are probably the best services that you can use.