Understanding The Different Terminology Of The Hydrovac Industry

Terminology For Hydrovac Services

Hydro Excavation also known as hydrovac or water excavation is the process of moving/ removing soil using a technology based on pressurized water for digging and vacuum for transferring the soil to a tank. All this technology is incorporated in special trucks designed to do the entire job – and do it in the safest possible way.

The hydrovac industry started in Canada. Traditional digging was difficult because of the cold Canadian weather, so contractors discovered the solution: using pressurized heated water to dig. It turned to be much better than the traditional digging technology, as well as safer for the environment and significantly less hazardous (damage to underground utilities is eliminated).

There are many applications for hydro excavation: line and pole installation and location, digging foundations for fences or buildings, landscaping etc.

Other terms used for hydro excavation are daylighting or potholing, but they are more particular and typically refer to digging for locating underground utilities and identifying damaged areas. The accuracy of hydro excavation is remarkable, so it limits all kind of accidents and eliminates the costs required for repairs and restoration.

Regardless the term we use to define this service, hydrovac industry definitely makes life easier for contractors, customers and laborers alike.  Companies like Hydrodig of Dallas are making contractor’s jobs easier and more efficient.